I included a Sociocracy Poem in My Sociocracy Learning Journal

YES, I love sociocracy.

YES, I spend time pondering on sociocracy.

YES, I guess NVC offers us a better way to see in sociocracy.

YES, I am looking for authentic togetherness.

YES, togetherness includes care.

YES, playing is an easy way to experience and learn.

YES, I detached myself from the outcomes and I do it for joy.

Are we on the same page? Maybe not, but I guess we are on the same book …

YES, playing with words in a significant way could be fun.

Just for fun, I included a Sociocracy Poem in my Sociocracy Learning Journal:

In the circle we gather,
A community is bound together.
Each voice is heard,
No one is deterred.

Sociocracy is the way,
To govern and to “play”.
Equality is the rule,
And no one is a fool.

We share in the decision,
No one’s left with division.
We work towards harmony,
In a society that’s free.

With consent as our guide,
We let go of our pride.
We listen and learn,
And together we earn.

A system of cooperation,
For a world in transformation.
Sociocracy is the key,
To a better society.

I hope this will make you smile. It could remeber us a “why” of being together in sociocracy.

Keep in touch,
Your friend.

To discover more “in depth” insights about “How to Use Sociocracy”, I invite you to use this Sociocracy Manual:

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Thank you, Adrian, most enjoyable