Political Parties vs. Political Circles

Who should make politics and who should not

I guess everybody is involved in politics whether we admit it or not.

Most people think that not saying or not doing means they are not involved.

I guess all of us are influenced by laws and laws are made through politics.

I asked somebody if we could be neutral. He answered me immediately with another question (quote): “Can someone be neutral?” I think you have your own answer.

In my opinion, not saying or not doing something is also doing something. Or not?

Even if we do not accept something inside us (I mean thoughts, ideas, values, solutions etc.) if we restrain ourselves from saying or doing something, we influence the current reality by accepting it as it is and this is “doing something”.

Ultimately, we are all responsible for this reality by doing something or “not doing” anything, which is still doing something (in a broader sense).

Using a wonderful quote, I will ask:

Who decides who decides to make the laws which govern our society?

My answer is that, in fact we all decide who we let make the laws which govern our society and then we all have to comply.

Is complying enough or should we be more active in influencing the legal environment in which we live, wherever we live?

I guess that if we do not actively participate in politics, others will do it for us or in our place. Is it worth it? Being passive is actually being involved because in both cases there are consequences. Or not?

I propose to you to form a circle to explore politics and identify as many dimensions as possible. Yes, I would like to become aware about how you see politics and what are the needs that politics could meet for you. Yes, I’m thinking to use sociocracy to activate and use our collective intelligence, to invent and build an alternative and sustainable way to make politics that would work for most.

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p.s. I guess exploring politics would be “good enough for now and safe enough to try”. What do you think?